Bible Bowl announcement

Bible Bowl announcement  

Team competition (male, female, or mixed) 

·      Teams may consist of three to five players from the same school or home school group. (Teams may consist of all males, all females, or both). All members must be eligible to compete based upon the Student Convention Guidelines.  

·      One team may enter per school or home school.  

·      Bible Bowl will be a closed-door competition.  

·      Each team in the qualifying round will be given the same group of questions. 

·      Questions will cover Genesis, Exodus, Samuel, Numbers, Matthew, Luke, Romans. 

·      Each team will have a set amount of time to answer as many questions as possible.  

·      All questions will be directed to individual team members, not answered as a group. Each player will have five (5) seconds to answer each question.  

·      Each correct answer will earn a point value.  

·      Teams will race against the clock, not an opponent.  

·      The top four teams will participate in the semifinals during an evening rally. (All four teams will begin the semifinals with a "zero" score (points from previous games will not be carried into the semifinals).  

·      The top two teams from the semifinals will play Championship during an evening rally. Both teams will begin the finals with a "zero" score. 

·      Winning team receives a school award/gift. 

No Judge's Form required
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