Checkers is a Gentlemen's game. Be courteous.

Play by rules, and ask your opponent to do the same in a kind way.

  • Winning a game.
  • the opponent gives you a hand and says he resigns;
  • you eat all opponent's pieces;
  • the opponent's pieces are so badly placed that he cannot move.
  • Rules in connection with eating.
  • if there is a possibility of eating, side having a move, must eat;
  • if there are many ways of eating, the side having a move must eat that way, that contains maximum number of opponent's pieces;
  • while eating all the eaten pieces must remain on board, they are removed from it only after finishing to eat;
  • while eating one piece can be eaten only once.
  • Other important rules.
  • a king can't fly across diagonals unless eating;
  • a king moves one square at a time;
  • a single man can't move or eat backwards;
  • if a player overlooks an eat and moves, he is to be shown and take the move back and eat;
  • a piece entering a king's row for the first time must be crowned and that ends the turn, it can't move from the king's row on the same turn;
  • if a piece is touched, the player must move it.

 No Judge's Form required
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