The contestant writes and submits an original song. The composition must include a melody 

line and a simple accompaniment plus words. Music Composition is an individual student 

event, not a collaboration between two or more students. Compositions will be judged according 

to the generally accepted principles of traditional musical composition, and manuscripts 

(whether written by hand or produced with the assistance of a computer) will be judged 

according to the norms of standard musical notation. Students should be aware that 

compositions simply played on a keyboard and produced without musical review often violate 

many principles of musical notation. Students are permitted to submit compositions that have 

been typeset on a computer program (e.g., Finale). However, no points will be deducted for 

handwritten manuscripts. 

1. The words must be Christian or patriotic. They must follow the rules of poetry, including 

theme, poetic language, rhythm, and rhyme (as applicable). The words and music should 

enhance one another. 

2. Scripture may be used. 

3. The music must be accurately written by the student in acceptable standard music notation. 

4. Three (3) copies of a cassette tape or CD of the music composition entry are required. (The 

quality of the tape performance will not influence the judge's evaluation of the composition.) 

5. The selection WILL NOT be performed live by the contestant. 

6. The music composition must have been written after the termination of the previous 

Student Convention and must be the original work of the contestant. 


Checklist for Music Composition: 

1. Three (3) copies of the music composition and cassette or CD must be submitted with entry. 

All copies are to be in a clear plastic page protector with the student's name, school name, 

customer number, school address, and telephone number clearly visible on the front of each 

copy. DO NOT SUBMIT the original copy. 

2. Include three (3) copies of the Creative Composition Affidavit (CF28), properly signed. 

Attach one copy to each copy of the music composition

3. Three (3) copies of the JUDGE’S FORMS (CF75) are required for Regional and International 

Student Conventions. 

4. One entry per contestant. 

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