1. Standing with the bar adjusted to at least eight (8) inches beyond

extended arm, grasp bar with back of the hand toward the


2. Flex arms, raise body, touch chin to bar; return to starting position.

3. Move upward and downward with body in extended position.

4. The contestant will be allowed five minutes to perform as many

pull-ups as possible without stopping.


1. Front lying, palms of hands flat on floor and approximately one

(1) foot from ears directly to side of head.

2. Straighten arms to lift body.

3. Chest must touch floor for each completed movement.

4. Body must remain in a rigid position during the upward push and

downward motion.

5. The contestant will be allowed five minutes to complete as many push-ups as possible

without stopping.


1. Back lying, legs bent at least 90° angle, feet together flat on floor, arms folded across the

abdomen without holding shirt.

2. Sit up and touch the knees with the folded arms without holding shirt.

3. Keep arms folded across the abdomen. Buttocks must stay in contact with ground.

4. The Event Judge will assign a "buddy" who will hold the contestant's feet against the


5. The contestant will be allowed ten minutes to perform as many sit-ups as possible

without stopping.


1. The contestant must do the exercises in the following order (1) pull-ups, (2) push-ups,

and (3) sit-ups.

2. Only 60 seconds will be allowed between exercises.

3. A judge will count the number of correct exercises performed. The judge will "warn" the

contestant of the first improper movement; count will stop at the second improper

movement, or when time is up.


Pull-Ups - 1 point each

Push-Ups - 1/2 point each

Sit-Ups - 1/3 point each

The contestant with the highest total points shall win first place. Subsequent places will be

determined by total points of each contestant.

Physical Fitness competition is counted as one of the three athletic events in which a male

contestant is allowed to compete.

No Judge's Form required

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