Praise and Worship Dance – General Rules



Praise and Worship Dance: In this event the focus is the Lord. Any kind of gestures or movements must glorify the Lord. The music chosen must be music from man for the Lord and not from man for man about God.



General Rules:


1.    The Event is for male or female participants.

2.    Objects or props to enhance the presentation are permitted.

3.    Dances must be made under the supervision of an adult supervisor or a dance professor.

4.    Costumes must strictly adhere to the ACE School of Tomorrow standards. Tight fitting clothes or sleeves blouses /shirts are not allowed.

5.    The Worship Dance is made with the use of the arms, legs and head. Movements of waist and hips are not permitted.

6.    The cassettes and CDs must be labeled with the name of the student and name of the School.

7.    The student is responsible for providing the sound equipment for his presentation.

8.    Time limit for each presentation: 1-4 minutes.


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