Soccer Kick competition will be conducted as an elimination event in a similar manner as High



1. A standard #5 soccer ball must be used by all contestants. The Convention Director shall

provide a regulation ball and net.

2. The ball must be properly inflated and will be checked by the Event Director.

3. Athletic shoes without hard toes are required.

4. A kicking tee must not be used.

5. A successful kick is one that passes into the net without touching the ground. It must be

in flight when it passes over the goal line.

6. Contestants are permitted two "warm-up" kicks.

7. Contestants can take no more than two approach steps.

8. Contact with the ball constitutes a kick.

9. All contestants must report and continue until eliminated. Contestants reporting late for

competition will begin where the ball is currently placed.

10. Each contestant is allowed three tries at that distance. They may pass if they so desire.

11. After all contestants have either passed or attempted the kick, the ball is moved back 5

yards. Rule #10 then applies again.

12. Continue the above process until a winner has been determined.

13. A record of failures and successes shall be marked for all contestants. A zero will stand

for a miss, an X will stand for a successful attempt, and a P will stand for a pass.

14. The winner shall be the person who has made a successful kick from the longest distance.

In the case of a tie, the person with the fewest misses shall be declared the winner. If any

contestants still remain tied, a kick-off shall occur and be judged again on fewest misses

or longest kick.

15. After all other contestants have failed, the one contestant left has the right to continue

kicking until he has three consecutive misses.

 No Judge's Form required

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