Academic Reports


The International School of Tomorrow wants to have parents involved in the educational training of their children. To facilitate this, they strive for a variety of methods of reporting progress.

- Permanent Records: Upon entering the International School of Tomorrow, the student is required to submit a number of forms (see registration section). These go into his/her permanent record file and form the foundation of a students information. As he/she continues in the school, the permanent record file expands. The yearly data accumulated (Supervisors Progress Card, Stanford Testing, etc) is placed in the file. The permanent record has the yearly amount of Paces, averages, attendance, and suchlike charted on it. This information is kept in the administrations office and can be reviewed by the parent with the administration in conference.

- Supervisor Progress Cards (SPC): This card is kept at the teachers desk in his/her Learning Center. They use it daily to record all the tests taken by the student, the fails, the new Paces issued, etc. By using a different colored pen each quarter, one can easily tell at a glance how many Paces in each subject a child successfully completes each quarter of the school year.

- School of Tomorrow Management System (STMS): This computer generated system is an electronic Supervisors Card with more in-depth detail. Once the teacher has entered the scores off the SPC, this management system automatically computes the grade averages for each subject individually, as well as the over all year-to-date average. Attendance Records, Scripture Memory, Character Traits, and much more can be computed in this system. It is of great assistance in tabulating credits towards graduation for the High School students.

- Leaving Certificate: Upon departure of a student from the International School of Tomorrow, a Leaving Certificate may be obtained. This is of benefit especially to international students who often enter a school in another country. In this certificate will be the following:

Explanation of this type of institution, the schools license number, the students birth date, date of arrival and departure, the Diagnostic Testing Starting Level for the Paces done here, their grade upon leaving, and a few character traits of the child.

- Parent/Teacher Conferences: As well as having basic paper and computer reports to show progress, the International School of Tomorrow likes to promote hands-on interaction between staff and parents. Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled after the 1st and 3rd quarters. During this time, the parents may confer with the teacher on how their child/children is/are progressing and discuss needs and/or areas of improvement. This is an important time to learn to know the teacher and to work together for the childs benefit to maximize his/her learning.