Entering the school

Students must arrive at school at least 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the classes, i.e. at 8:45 a.m. If late for class, they have to follow Late entry Passes Policy.

Late entry policy

In order to ensure timely arrival of students and help parents appreciate the importance of punctuality for their students, again, Late entry passes shall be introduced for that effect.

The following procedure has to be observed by students and staff:

1. Students have to be instructed to come to the office first and pick up a late entry pass if arriving at school late. The date and the students name are put on the pass.

2. Upon completion of pledges and a prayer in the groups, students are allowed to quietly enter LCs.

  1. Students submit their entry pass to their supervisor.

  2. Monitors keep record of all late entries in the Goal Check Report (GCR).

  3. Two late entry passes a week require a student to have a conference with the supervisor.

  4. Three late entry passes a week require a note be sent to parents through the office. (Monitors have to submit a list of students who were late three times in one week. Records can be taken from GCR).

  5. Repeat tardiness (excessive tardiness two weeks in a row) require a conference with parents and School Administration (telephone conference as pertinent) to clarify and resolve the situation.