Character Development


The International School of Tomorrow uses a Bible-based curriculum. We realize that it is vital in the continuation of future generations to have a solid foundation of character. This is built into children through years of training. That is why the ACE curriculum integrates 60 basic character traits into its system of learning. These range from being appreciative, considerate, and dependable to being respectful, self-controlled, and truthful. (A full listing of all 60 traits can be found in Procedures Manual II, pp 59-63)

A monthly Scripture is given out at the beginning of each month. Its recited aloud each morning by the class, and each student is required to recite it to a staff member by the end of the month. The Bible commands us to Hide Gods Word in your heart (Ps 119:11, paraphrased). Besides developing character, this is training a child to memorize and retain knowledge mentally.

Each Pace also contains a Bible verse written throughout the pages. This is recited upon handing the Pace in and taking the test.

A Statement of Understanding (see the Supplementary form) is required to be signed by the parents upon enrollment of their children in this school. As this school relates to the international community, we have a variety of countries and backgrounds involved here. It is important the parents understand the type of character we are working to instill in their children.