All schools must have a system of discipline for training and correcting a childs reactions and responses. Here at the International School of Tomorrow we believe discipline is a mandate from the Bible. It gives guidelines on how to lovingly train and discipline a child. We strive to work with the parents as we implement these guidelines in our statement of discipline especially for High School students. The example set by the older students has a profound effect on how the younger children will behave.

We have a Statement of Discipline for parents to sign. This is covered more thoroughly in the Student Handbook, but includes:

- Obedience to Learning Center Rules

- Goals/Homework Requirements

- Violation of Procedures

- School Standards

The rules in the Learning Center are established by the school and will be consistent throughout all Learning Centers. As your child moves from class to class, he/she should be comfortable and familiar in whichever class they find themselves, as the rules will not vary. Learning center rules include, but are not limited to:

- Punctuality

- Absence of Gum

- Uniform Requirements

- Indoor Shoes

- Quietness in L.C.

- Proper Procedures in Scoring

- Goal Setting/Homework Requirements

Again, a comprehensive review of these rules can be found in the Student Handbook.

During the break times, students are not to be in the Learning Centers unless they have the teachers permission. This is the social time of the school day. They can eat in the dining hall and/or visit with friends, use the toilet, get drinks, and prepare to go to the next class they are scheduled for. When the weather is nice, some of the breaks are long enough to be able to go outside in the play area to work off excess energy, as running inside the building is not permitted.

If a child breaks a rule, they are reminded by the teacher issuing a demerit. Should this occur three times in one day, the teacher sends home a Corrective Action Notice for the parents to sign. Then the child will stay in at break the following day. This notification is to help the school work with the parents in correcting and maintaining a higher level of quality education for their child.