A child often can be motivated to want to try to work harder. The International School of Tomorrow implements a merit/demerit system to encourage this desire. The demerit is issued for a violation of the rules. Three such infractions result in a Corrective Action Notice (See School Discipline). This is to help him/her correct areas they are weak in.

The merit is issued to reward correct behavior. Completing homework on time, or not having homework, saying the monthly Scripture early, keeping a clean office, not receiving any demerits in a day, obtaining 100% on a test. All these are things for which they can earn a specified amount of merits.

At the end of a month, a merit sale is planned. Each student can take the merits they earned that quarter and spend them on items displayed in the merit store. These items are purchased throughout the quarter by the teachers, or parents can donate items to the various learning centers.

As a child passes enough tests, recites Scripture, and maintains good conduct during the week, they can apply for a Privilege (letters A, C, E). They apply Friday before school is out, and if accepted, will be on that privilege for the following week. Each letter represents a little more responsibility to obtain it, and a few more privileges are gained upon earning it. By doing this on a weekly basis, if they lose the privilege one week, by working hard, they may be able to regain it again the next week.

Each Monday a trophy and certificate is handed out to a Student of the Week. This stays in that students office for the week. The teacher chooses this student based upon both academics and good character that was noticed during the week.

Based again upon both the academic quality and the good character displayed, one student is chosen in each Learning Center at the end of the month for the Student of the Month award. They are acknowledged in Assembly for this honor, and have their photos on a bulletin board in the hall during the following month.

At the end of each quarter, Honor Roll and Awards Ceremonies are held to acknowledge the achievements of students. Certificates are handed out for accomplishments such as Highest Pace Average, Perfect Attendance, Most Paces Completed, making Honor Roll requirements, etc.