Policy on expensive items


School policy – Do not bring:

1. Any CD players, walkmans or any other expensive toys, which may disturb students during academic hours.

2. Any toys or pieces of sports equipment (e.g. guns, baseball bats, golf clubs, etc) which may cause injuries.

3. Any chemical or gas sprays, as well as any other substances, which may be dangerous to the health of students.

- Usage of cell phones and pagers during academic hours is not allowed.

- Students are supposed to keep their cell phones off at all times at school.

- Cell phones must be out of sight and kept in students’ school bags.

- If students need to make telephone calls they may always use the office phone.

Attention! In case students inappropriately use or disturb other students with their cell phones or with any of the above-mentioned items during academic hours, the supervisors will ask the students to submit those items to the office until their parents or another adult representative may come to get them from the School administration.

In the case of theft or damage of, any above mentioned items, the School will take no responsibility.

We do not recommend students leave any of their expensive belongings or money in their outfits, or in the coat pockets which they keep in the coat rooms.

We request your support in the maintaining of this School policy by your signing of the statement. Please detach and return the signed application.