This is a mixed performance event. Group Bible speaking is an interpretation by a spoken choral group of 8-30 contestants on a set Bible passage. One entry is allowed per school.
1. The group will create an atmosphere by using tone of voice, inflections, pause, gesture and movement (utilizing the space available).
2. No costumes, props, or singing allowed.
3. The passage must be memorized.
4. The majority of the passage is spoken chorally, but lines may be spoken by a section of the group or by solo voices.
5. Sound effects created on stage by the contestants may be added.
6. Presentation time limit is four (4) minutes minimum, six (6) minutes maximum. If competition piece does not meet the four (4) minute minimum or exceeds the six (6) minute maximum time limit, the contestant will receive a .5-point deduction for any portion of thirty (30) second increments outside the allotted time. (For example, a piece timed at 3:42 would receive a half-point deduction from the total score. A piece of 6:42 would receive a deduction of a full point from the total score.)

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