The PowerPoint competition entry is to be a user-directed, stand-alone presentation using no live Internet links. The student is free to use any element that PowerPoint will support, as long as the presentation does not violate the A.C.E. standards of dress, appearance, and conduct as presented in these guidelines.


1. Linear - Presentation begins and runs through to an end. In a linear presentation, there is a set sequence to the presentation, starting at the beginning and continuing to the conclusion. No navigation is required.

2. Nonlinear - User is given navigational control and can wander through the content at will. In a nonlinear presentation the user can pick and choose, using a random route through the presentation.


1. The presentation must have been developed since the last International Student Convention.

2. No more than two students may participate in the design and development of the presentation.

3. While there are a number of presentation products on the market, Microsoft PowerPoint is required for Student Convention competition.

4. It is recommended that the presentation be available on a CD-ROM. (A 3.5 inch floppy diskette is also acceptable.)

5. Designers must give proper credit for any copyrighted material.

6. Any Scripture referenced must be from the King James Version. All subject matter (photos) must meet the A.C.E. dress and appearance guidelines.


Navigation of Site (applicable to nonlinear presentations) - The presentation should be easy to use and navigate.

Creativity - The presentation will be evaluated for creativity in the areas of uniqueness, content,

approach to the material, and method of engagement.

Connectivity - Each step in the process must successfully relate the user to where he has been and where he is going. The user should understand throughout the presentation the relationship of the parts to the whole.

Engaging Appearance - The presentation is visually attractive and interesting. It creates interest and effectively conveys information to the user in a memorable fashion.

Elements - The presentation should contain enough variety to hold the interest of the user while following Convention guidelines and standards of appropriateness. All the elements contribute to the presentation’s effectiveness in meeting its objective. Presentations may include copied folders from websites (live Internet links are not acceptable), video clips, sound bites, photographs, etc.

Please note: All elements of PowerPoint presentations must meet A.C.E. standards.

Graphic Design - The project should follow generally accepted media standards regarding presentation. Some of these regard font styles, spacing, overlay, and other aspects of the presentation.


Clear - If the content is not clear, the presentation is ineffective. It should be clear in its presentation, navigation, and purpose. Since this is a user-directed presentation, clarity is indispensable.

Appropriate - The presentation should fit the convention guidelines and standards and be appropriate for its intended purpose.

Useful - he presentation should be designed to serve a useful purpose.

Accomplishes Goals - The presentation should have a clearly stated goal so the user is able to understand what the developer intended.

Checklist for PowerPoint Presentation:

1. Copies - copies must be submitted as an early entry. Each copy must have the student’s name, school name, customer number, school address, and telephone number clearly visible on EACH copy.

2. Three (3) Judges’ Forms (CF33) are required for Regional and International Convention.

3. Creative Composition Affidavit (CF28) is attached to entry and properly signed. You will need three (3) copies of the Creative Composition Affidavit form; attach one copy to each Judge’s Form.


Size is not part of the judging criteria! More is not necessarily better. Balance good content and a visually attractive presentation. For help with graphic design there are a number of helpful sites on the Web. Be sure that all elements in your presentation meet the A.C.E. standards (background music, video clips, photos, etc.). 

 Judge's Form Powerpoint Presentation

 Download description in pdf format