PUPPETS (Male/Female)

PUPPETS (Male/Female)



Note: In Puppets, male and female contestants will be judged together.


1. Male performers are not required to wear a jacket when introducing the play and when leaving platform.


2. Contestants must provide their own stage and background. (All puppet plays must have a background to screen the puppeteer[s] from the audience.)


3. A puppet team consists of two (2) puppeteers. The team may be male, female, or mixed.


4. Homemade and/or professionally made puppets may be used.


5. Recorded background music or sound effects may be used, but contestants must perform LIVE all verbal communication.


6. Scripts must be tastefully presented, avoiding slang insinuation of questionable language. Also avoid references to television or worldly practices such as movies, dancing, or mixed swimming.


7. Scripts must be memorized.


8. Setup time is five (5) minutes. Please consult with Chief Judge as to whether additional setup time is available.



9. The time limit for the presentation is five (5) minutes minimum, eight (8) minutes maximum. If competition piece does not meet the five (5) minute minimum or exceeds the eight (8) minute maximum time limit, the contestant will receive a .5-point deduction for any portion of thirty (30) second increments outside the allotted time. (For example, a piece timed at 4:42 would receive a half-point deduction from the total score. A piece of 8:42 would receive a deduction of a full point from the total score.)



Puppeteers should remember that their primary objective is to minister, not just to entertain. Occasional jokes, in good taste, will help keep your audience interested in your message, but don't waste your time on too many jokes. The message comes first! Here are some practical hints to build your puppet-handling skills. To make your puppet appear more realistic, manipulate his mouth by moving your thumb, not your fingers. When a human opens his mouth to talk, he drops his bottom jaw. He does not raise his whole head. Similarly, real people rarely stand completely still; neither should puppets. Keep them alive and moving without overdoing it. Finally, look for creative, realistic ways to get your puppet on stage. Avoid what one judge called the "pop-up toaster” entrance. You will also be judged on your stage. It should be sturdy and neat. A wrinkled, wobbly stage is very distracting to the audience.

Judge's Form Puppets

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