1. ALL entries must be the sole work of the student, and projects must have been started after the completion of the previous International Student Convention. Contestant is limited to one entry.
2. Layout may be 8" x 8" or larger and must be a scrapbook layout. Cards and other craft projects cannot be submitted as the entire entry. The final entry should not be entirely digital.
3. Use a clean and simple layout that tells a story, portrays a theme or event, or illustrates a character trait. Arrangement needs to make a visual impact without being cluttered or too busy.
4. All items including photos in the entry MUST conform to A.C.E. Student Convention dress standards and guidelines.
5. Entries must be a minimum of two pages but not exceed twelve pages.
6. Three (3) copies of the JUDGES FORMS (CF34) are required for Regional Convention.
7. Entry must have a 3" x 5" card securely attached to the back with the following information neatly printed or typed: category, student’s name, school name, customer number, school address, city, state/province, ZIP/Postal Code.
8. Each page must be in a plastic page protector within a standard nondecorative binder. Binder will not be judged.
9. A.C.E. is not responsible for entries lost or damaged.
10. Entry must have a clearly stated theme.

1. Photos—Choose photos with clean, sharp images. Check background and number of subjects in photo. All people in photos must be appropriately dressed according to A.C.E. Student Convention dress standards.
2. Paper Color and Design—Select paper or cardstock to complement photos.
3. Crop––Cut or trim photos using templates or decorative-edge scissors to add interest.
4. Mat or Frame––Use single or layered mats; may be torn or cut with scissors. Templates, punches, and decorative-edge scissors create unique shapes.
5. Layout––Arrange photos with a focal point depicting the theme. Overlap photos or create a collage for added variety.
6. Title and Journaling––Include: a. Who? b. What? c. Where? d. When? e. Why?
7. Decorative embellishments – Use creativity over purchased embellishments. 

Judge's Form Scrapbooking

Download description in pdf format