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Table Tennis Uniforms

Male and Female - Appropriate athletic clothing must be worn for

all games. (See athletic dress codes in SECTION I of these

guidelines for male and female requirements.)

The Racket

The racket may be any commercially produced paddle with rubber sheets. The rubber sheets

must completely cover the side or sides being used to strike the ball. There can be no holes or

damaged portions on the rubber sheets. (Sandpaper, cloth, or bare wooden surfaces are not


The Choice of Ends and Service

The choice of ends and the right to be server or receiver in the first game of every match shall go

to the younger player, provided that, if he chooses the right to be server or receiver, the other

player shall have the choice of ends, and vice versa. Following the first game, the players then

switch sides, and the first server of the first game becomes the first receiver of the second game.

If a third game is required, the procedure will be the same as the first game.


Because of a limited time schedule, warm-up may be no longer than two (2) minutes on the game table.

Game and Match

Games will be played to 11. A match is best two-of-three games. After each 2 points have been

scored, the receiving player shall become the serving player and so on until the end of the game,

unless both players score 10 points. When the score is tied at 10, the serve will alternate after

each 1 point until a player wins by 2 points. From quarterfinals on (if time permits), a match may

consist of the best three-of-five games.


During the course of a match, coaching is not permitted during a game but can be done between

games, if it does not delay the next game. Because of the time limitations, play should be

continuous. In the final match, play should likewise be continuous throughout, except that either

opposing player is entitled to claim a repose period of not more than five minutes duration

between the second and third games of a three-game finals match. Any other circumstances

requiring a delay in play, be it injury, equipment problems, or other, shall be considered and

ruled on by the Chief Judge.

Judge will call score before each serve. A serve made prior to score called will be a let and will

be played over again. Contact with the ball must be above the table level and behind the end line

(not sides) on a serve. The judge must be able to see the ball at all times. The server must hold

ball in OPEN PALM and toss ball up during the serve. If a player fails to strike the ball after it

has been tossed up for service, the receiver gets the point. The player shall lose a point IF his

free hand or body disrupts playing surface. Instruct the players to check with the head judge

before leaving the room after each match.

For general rules, you should consult those adopted currently by USA Table Tennis (USATT,

formerly USTTA). For a current copy of USATT rules, you may contact the USATT

headquarters at the following address.

VI -11

USA Table Tennis

One Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Phone: (719) 866-4583

FAX: (719) 632-6071



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