Tennis Singles

TENNIS SINGLES (Male-431) (Female-454)


Tennis Uniforms Male and Female - Appropriate athletic clothing must be worn for all games. (See athletic dress code in SECTION I of these guidelines.)

The Racket

The racket may be any commercially produced racket.

The Choice of Ends and Service

The choice of ends and the right to be server or receiver in every match shall go to the younger player, provided that, if he chooses the right to be server or receiver, the other player shall have the choice of ends, and vice versa. 

A Game

It takes four (4) points to win a game unless the game reaches deuce, in which case play continues indefinitely until one player gets two (2) points ahead.

A Set

A regular set shall consist of six (6) games. A short set begins play at two (2) games all. The 12-point tie breaker will be used in all sets that reach six (6) games.

A Match

A match shall consist of two (2) of three (3) short sets, except for finals. Finals matches shall consist of the best of two (2) out of three (3) regular sets.

The 12-Point Tie Breaker

Player A, having served the first game of the set, serves the first point from the right court. Player B serves points 2 and 3 (left and right). Player A serves points 4 and 5 (left and right). Player B serves point 6 (left) and, after players change ends, point 7 (right). Player A serves points 8 and 9 (left and right). Player B serves points 10 and 11 (left and right). Player A serves point 12 (left). A player who reaches 7 points during these first 12 points wins the game and set. If the score has reached 6 points all, the players change ends and continue in the same pattern until one player establishes a margin of two (2) points, which gives him the game and set. Note that players change ends every six (6) points. For a following set, the players change ends and player B serves the first game

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