Clay Sculpture


Entries must be the sole work of the student and must have been started after the completion of the previous International Student Convention. Students are encouraged to draw from their own ideas for subject matter and composition. It is recognized that copying other artwork is one method of learning but should not be presented as the original work of the student.

Entries must meet ALL A.C.E. standards as far as dress codes and suitable subject matter are concerned. Violations of such standards will prevent the entry from placing. All entries must be done in realistic style - no abstract, surreal, or cartoon styles. No artwork should attempt to portray the face of Christ. No color-by-number paintings will be accepted.

In ALL art categories, male and female contestants are judged together.

Checklist for Entries:

1. Entries must arrive for judging in satisfactory exhibition condition. (See framing.)

2. Judge's Forms (CF35, CF36) - Three copies for each entry must be completed and submitted with the entry. THESE ARE FOR REGIONAL CONVENTION ONLY.

3. Entries must have a 3" x 5" card securely attached to the back with the following information: category, student’s name, school name, customer number, school address, city, state/province, ZIP/Postal Code.

Note to Sponsor: Be sure the contestant enters the correct category. Review the judging criteria to see where points are given, and make sure the entry includes each point.



All artwork must be enclosed in some type of frame except sculpture, woodworking, and metalworking. Mat board may be used in conjunction with a frame, but is not considered a frame itself.


All contestants are responsible for the packaging, transporting, and proper handling of their own artwork. Minor touch-ups are permitted. No entry may exceed 40 pounds in weight or three feet in length, width, or height.



Entries in this category must be entirely hand built and can be made of any CLAY OR POLYMER CLAY. The use of slip molds or greenware available from ceramic or craft houses is not allowed. Slip molds may be used if the mold is made by the student, in which case, the mold must be submitted as part of the project. [NOTE: Some clay sculptures may require kiln-firing to protect the entry.] The entry may not exceed two feet in any direction (length, width, or height).

Лепка из глины

К участию в конкурсе на региональной олимпиаде школьников принимаются работы:

- выполненные только из глины (природной или полимерной);

- выполненную самим ребенком;

- выполненную только одним лицом (работы, выполненные двумя и более лицами, к участию не принимаются).

Использование скульптурного пластилина не допускается.

Все работы должны быть выполнены в реалистичном стиле.

Работы не должны содержать любое изображение Христа.

Конкурсная работа должна содержать следующее - информацию о поделке (название, тема, имя автора).

К каждой работе прикладываются заполненные судейские формы (три копии).

От каждого ребёнка принимается по одной работе.