Honor Roll Field Trips (2nd Quarter)

As part of ISOT’s commitment to rewarding excellence in academics, the students go on educational field trips every year.

The primary students went on an excursion to Contact Farm which is about 30 minutes away from our school. The students saw horses, goats, sheep, cows and raccoons and had an exciting time feeding them!

They learned many interesting facts about the animals from a very kind tour guide named Christina.

The students were also given the opportunity to go inside a warm house with a long wooden table where they learned how to make bagels. They had fun forming the bagels and then eating them while drinking tea.

At the same time, the older students went on an extraordinary field trip to VDNH!

Upon arriving, they were met by their guide, Tanya. She was a lovely woman who showed the students different parts of VDNH and explained the significance of them. She told about the arch at the entrance and explained that the man represents the industrial period, while the woman holding the crops represents agriculture.

Before going into the exhibition, they went through a blue tunnel where the students found out about the struggles this country has faced and what the future holds for everyone in Russia.

The exhibition was about the different regions of Russia, their customs and religions. There were many interesting and educational displays.

It was beautiful — something new and exciting.