A Visit to the Literature Museum

For their educational field trip, Primary 1-4 classes visited the literature museum in Moscow.

The visit lasted about 1 ½ hours, and the students learned so much about the history of writing and books during this time.

First of all, the students learned about the history of the Russian alphabet. They had a practical workshop on how to write using quill and ink. The instructor told them that when one writes using a quill, one develops good handwriting. The students had the opportunity to write a short letter to a loved one. The experience of writing with quill and ink was a favorite with everyone!

During the second workshop, the students learned about the different materials that were used for writing before paper was invented. They learned a lot of information about these materials!

Some of the different materials used were: papyrus, clay tablets, tablets filled with beeswax, and the bark of birch trees.

The students had the opportunity to write on clay tablets, in order to understand whether it was easy or difficult to write on them. They also learned that the first book was written on parchment, which is material from animal skin. Finally, they learned about the origin of paper.

The students listened with rapt attention as their instructor told them the exciting tales. All in all, the visit to the Literature Museum was very exciting and informative. Thank you, International School of Tomorrow, for this wonderful opportunity to learn so many new things!